North Passage uses a barcode system to allow residents speedy access to the community. A resident is an owner of property in NP or a family member who resides in NP full time (including students who are away part of the year). A tenant who is named in a lease and resides in NP will be eligible for the duration of the lease.  The following stipulations must be followed. 

1.) The barcode information sheet must be filled out and returned to the HOA office or the guardhouse. This can be found here.

2.) Only non-commercial vehicles that are owned, registered and operated by residents of North Passage are eligible.

3.)  A copy of the state vehicle registration is required for each vehicle receiving a barcode. 

4.) Tenants must provide a copy of their lease.

5.) Service personnel are not eligible for a resident vehicle bar code sticker and mist enter via the guest lane as usual. The Board has decided that bar codes will not be available for friends , housekeepers, service providers and the like. They must use the guest entrance so that we can keep accurate records of their entering the community. This is being done for your security 

Removing the stickers is a fairly simple process. The stickers will be unusable when removed from a car, so the cannot be transferred to another vehicle. If you buy a new car, we will simply install a new sticker after seeing proper documentation.  

If you have an outstanding balance with North Passage HOA the barcode may be turned off.