All changes to the appearance, type or structure of a roof must be approved by the ACC. Unpainted or un-textured metal roofs are not considered appropriate for the ESTATES. Changes to the TOWNHOMES and ZERO LOTS  will be considered as a uniform change for the respective PLAT, this includes roof color or material. The roofs and materials must meet current wind load requirements along with current building code regulations. All roofs must comply with the original aesthetics and styles in the community.

Roofs shall be kept free of mildew, stains, debris, broken tiles or torn shingles.  Roofs must be steamed or pressure cleaned as needed.  The Association may inform OWNERS that their roofs need to be cleaned and give the OWNERS a reasonable length of time, as determined by the Association to have the cleaning performed.  If the OWNER does not comply with the Association's request, the Association may contract to have the work performed and bill the OWNER for the cost of the roof cleaning.  If cleaning does not restore a reasonable appearance, the Board of Directors may require the owner to paint the roof.